About Us

St. Johns Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd is a Singapore registered Private Limited Company based in and operating from Singapore since August 2009. The Company is providing its service as Business and financial contact point.

It’s subsidiary Company Saint Johns Shipmanagement Limited is registered Private limited based in and operating from Yangon and the Company has established ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System accredited by Class NK to meet the company needs and objectives. It is designed to comply with standards as such to meet customer requirements, regulatory and organizational requirements.

The Company is presently providing its service as Manning Agents for 40 ships comprised of Containers, Bulk Carriers, Refrigerated Carriers, Car Carriers and etc. to its Principles. 

The Management Team at Saint Johns consists of Superintendents with vast experience and knowledge on Management of various types of vessels (i.e. Tankers, Containers, Reefers, Bulkers, etc.) as they are ex-Masters and Chief Engineers and a Crew Manager with 25 years of Service in Ship Management Companies.

The Company has taken-over the Ownership and Management of the Manning Office of Ex-Eastwind Shipmanagement in Yangon, Myanmar since August 2009.  The Yangon Manning Office was established in early 1990’s and is responsible for Crew Recruitment, Training and Welfare in Yangon. 


SJS offers wide range of services to achieve customer satisfaction. The managed fleet comprises of Bulk Carriers, Car Carriers, Reefers and Containers.

SJS support its fleet with professionally organized technical and Crew Management.

SJS recognises that the main asset of the company is its people. With this in mind SJS is committed to training and developing its people in pool. SJS employs only highly  trained, qualified and medically fit seafarers as required by STCW through its own Office in Yangon, Myanmar. 


The aim of the company is to provide all its customers with services, which consistently meet their requirement. The company is totally committed to achieving the highest management standards with particular emphasis placed upon marine and human safety. The company believes in safe working practices and environmental protection.


Company strives to provide the highest standard of marine services and management of vessels comparable to the best. The Company shall make all endeavours to protect the health and safety of the employees and personnel working onboard. The Company shall strive to achieve high standards of safety through Zero accidents onboard ships and comply with the relevant legislations and conventions to have Zero damage to property and Zero pollution to environment.

Quality Objective

SJS-SRPS is an approved organization carrying out recruitment and placement services of qualified Myanmar seafarers, meeting the requirements of STCW Code as well as MLC2006.

Services rendered are to be ensured in consistent with needs and expectations of customers, principals, interested parties and stakeholders.

SJS commits to delivery more value-added services to our customers, principals , interested parties and stakeholders ensuring:

This is our commitment, and together we shall achieve this.

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