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St. Johns Shipmanagement Pte. Ltd is a Singapore registered Private Limited Company based in and operating from Singapore since August 2009. The Company is providing its service as Business and financial contact point. It’s subsidiary Company Saint Johns Shipmanagement Limited is registered Private limited based in and operating from Yangon and the Company has established ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System accredited by Class NK to meet the company needs and objectives. It is designed to comply with standards as such to meet customer requirements, regulatory and organizational requirements. The Company is presently providing its service as Manning Agents for 40 ships comprised of Containers, Bulk Carriers, Refrigerated Carriers, Car Carriers and etc. to its Principles. The Management Team at Saint Johns consists of Superintendents with vast experience and knowledge on Management of various types of vessels (i.e. Tankers, Containers, Reefers, Bulkers, etc.) as they are ex-Masters and Chief Engineers and a Crew Manager with 25 years of Service in Ship Management Companies. The Company has taken-over the Ownership and Management of the Manning Office of Ex-Eastwind Shipmanagement in Yangon, Myanmar since August 2009. The Yangon Manning Office was established in early 1990’s and is responsible for Crew Recruitment, Training and Welfare in Yangon.

Company Policy

  • All seafarers undergo and pass a Principals approved PEME (Pre-Employment Medical Examination) which are carried out by National approved medical practitioners
  • The SJS shall keep in contact with the seafarers’ families whilst they are sailing sympathetically and without any cost to seafarers. Data and contact details of the vessels with the Company crews are readily available in the Company office;
  • The SJS maintains data base of all seafarers that have been employed and are currently in employ, in electronic form. Copies of all seafarer’s documents are also available in the office. Records of Seafarer’s employment shall include, but not be limited to:
  • Maintaining of proper qualification of its employees in any rank;
  • Efficient distribution of the responsibilities and powers between the personnel;
  • Maintaining of continuous functioning of communication and information facilities.
  • Medical data relevant to employment ;
  • The SJS does not use any means, mechanisms, or lists to prevent, or deter seafarers from gaining employment for which they are entitled in accordance with their qualification
  • The SJS does not charge seafarers directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, any fees or other charges for seafarers’ recruitment or placement or for providing employment to seafarers, other than the cost of the seafarer obtaining a national statutory medical certificate, the national seafarer’s book and a passport or other similar personal travel documents, national licenses and certificates in accordance with STCW, excluding, however, the cost of visas, pre-employment medical examination( PEME) approved by
  • the Principals in the clinic designated by the Principals and documents of the Vessels flag state which shall be borne by the Principals;
  • The terms of employment documented in "Seaman’s Employment Agreement"(SEA) furnished by SJS which is "Company" incorporate Company, governing CBA & MLC requirements. All seafarers are informed of their rights and duties under governing employment agreements before employment, or in the process thereof. Company has in place proper arrangements for seafarers to examine their employment agreements before and after they are signed. Seafarers are provided with a signed copy of their employment agreement. All seafarers are familiarized with policies of the Principals with respect to drugs and alcohol as well as MARPOL.
  • The SJS shall ensure that all seafarers employed on the vessels are duly qualified and in possession of all documentation mandatory for the position in which they serve onboard, and that seafarers’ employment agreements are in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and comply with all requirements of MLC 2006 Convention as well as collective agreement forming part of the seafarers’ employment agreement.
  • The SJS shall ensure, that all mandatory seafarer’s certificates and documents are in valid order for proposed duration of seafarer’s contract plus minimum two months period, have not been fraudulently obtained and that employment references are submitted and duly verified as far as possible & practicable Selection of all Seafarers are confirmed after receiving approval from Principals.
  • The SJS hereby confirms that Principals are in possession of the funds in accordance with the Collective Agreement in order to protect seafarers from being stranded in a foreign port and to cover monetary loss of seafarers in case of a failure on part of the SJS, or Ship Owner under the seafarer’s employment agreement to meet their obligations to the seafarer;
  • The Principals have a procedural grievance redress mechanism for handling seafarers’ complaints;
  • The SJS shall ensure that seafarers are not subject to exploitation with regard to the offer of engagement on a particular ship;
  • The SJS shall ensure that all seafarers recruited on the vessels of the Principals are of minimum 18 years of age or above
  • Seafarer’s qualification
  • Record of employment
  • List Item #3
  • Personal data relevant to employment
  • The Top Management of SJS hereby declares that each and every employee of the SJS on each level shall ensue to implement SJS processes in a safe, secure and quality management manner to achieve entire satisfaction of customers and Principals fulfilling requirements in recruitment and placement services in accordance with the national and international requirements

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